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Corinne Jones Park


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Located in the historic Tanyard neighborhood, the Corinne Jones Park offers the surrounding community a place to play and enjoy active and passive recreation.

The park is named in honor of one of Pensacola’s most tireless activitists, educators and community volunteers, Corinne Harvey Jackson Jones (1897-1991). Throughout her life Mrs. Jones was active in many youth and adult organizations including the YWCA, Fiesta of Five Flags, the Green Thumbs Garden Club and the American Cancer Society. She was the director of the Fricker Community Center from 1945 until 1962 when she retired, and was instrumental in getting the City to build the larger building that is there today.

In 1965, the Parks and Recreation Board voted to name the community center formerly known as the West Side Building the Corinne Jones Center. In 2004, Hurricane Ivan destroyed that facility along with the Sanders Beach Community Center. The funds from insurance and other sources were combined to rebuild one facility, the Sanders Beach-Corinne Jones Resource Center, which was named in her honor.

The City upgraded the park's amenities in 2017 to include new playground equipment, swings, a basketball court, a lighted walking path, bicycle racks, and benches. This is Pensacola's first park to have the latest in two-person swing designs called an Expression Swing®  which allows toddlers (ages 24-48 months) and an adult rider to face each other while swinging! 

And more than just a place to play, visitors can enjoy a leisurely walk around the Government Street Regional Stormwater Pond, which is designed to capture and treat runoff from approximately 40 acres in downtown Pensacola that previously discharged untreated stormwater directly into Pensacola Bay. The Government Street Regional Stormwater Pond at Corinne Jones Park was completed in late 2017 as part of a larger package of stormwater infrastucture projects around the City.

This pond utilizes a three-tiered advanced treatment system which incorporates underground pretreatment proprietary units to remove debris and floatables prior to entering the wet detention pond. The 2.75 acre pond takes an innovative approach to stormwater management by having multiple ecological benefits. Specifically. the pond serves to uptake nutrients, remove particulates, organic matter, oils, metals, greases and other pollutants. The pond discharges directly into a coastal mitigation wetland that was recently restored as part of Pensacola Bay's revitalization effort. By improving water quality flowing in to the restored wetland this project also contributes to the long-term sustainability of the coastal wetland and Pensacola Bay. In addition to its significant water quality improvement, the pond and its lush landscape serves as a habitat for a wide variety of birds, reptiles, and aquatic species for educational observation and public awareness.

The project cost was approximately $3,372,506 and utilized funding from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, the Deepwater Horizon Incident Fund, and and the Stormwater Capital Projects Fund. It was approved by City Council in December 2015. 

Government Street Stormwater pond

You can read more about this project here

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