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City of Pensacola, Florida / Plaza de Luna Berth Application (Berth 13-14-15-16)

  1. No cargo, hazardous materials, or international cruise operations are permitted at Berths 13-16. In requesting application for berth, the vessel agent or owner assumes responsibility for all charges assessable against the vessel and any additional charges resulting from services from the terminals where the vessel is either working or at lay berth.
  2. Charges assessed are based on actual arrival and departure times, and services rendered. To ensure accurate billing,  crew must call the Port Security Office at (850) 436-5075 or via 24/7 Marine Radio Channel 16 to check out upon departure. It is also recommended that crew contact the Port Security Office to check in upon arrival. In making a berth application, the crew indicates a desire to use City/CRA facilities under the jurisdiction of the City of Pensacola. Berth application requests shall constitute consent to all the terms and conditions of any and all applicable tariffs to include payment of damages to the City/CRA’s property caused by the owner, its agent, and employees. Chapter 376.071 Florida Statutes provides that any vessel operating in state waters with a storage capacity to carry 10,000 gallons or more of pollutants as fuel and cargo shall maintain an adequate written ship-specific Spill Prevention and Control Contingency Plan. Violators are subject to fine as administered by the State of Florida. 


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  10. Please be aware that commercial vessels calling at the adjacent Port of Pensacola take precedence over vessels docked at Plaza de Luna, and therefore, vessels at Plaza de Luna berths may be asked to line shift, vacate their berth either temporarily or permanently, or relocate either temporarily or permanently if required for the safe arrival, departure, or transit of commercial vessels or to facilitate efficient commercial vessel operations. Vessels docked at Plaza de Luna will be given as much advance notice as possible, and will be required to comply expeditiously and at their own cost with any and all such requests from the Port Director, his/her designee, or any authorized representative of the City of Pensacola.

  11. By completing the information above, I (owner) agree to the terms and conditions stated herein with the City of Pensacola *
  12. *Any changes to arrival or departure time must be reported promptly to the Port of Pensacola, Thomas Coggin at 850-426-2519 or Changes identified less than 72 hours in advance of docking must also be reported to the Port Security Office at (850) 436-5075 or via 24/7 Marine Radio Channel 16.  

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