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Miraflores Burial Ground Study Citizen Input Form

  1. Miraflores Burial Ground Study Citizen Input Form

    We want to hear from the community!

  2. The City of Pensacola is gathering community input about Miraflores Park as we move forward with the Miraflores Burial Ground Study. Please share any input or information you have about the park, whether it's personal memories, family stories, documents, photographs, or anything related to Miraflores Park (formerly known as Havana Square).

    Background: As a result of research following the discovery of human remains at Miraflores Park in June 2021, the city will be conducting a burial ground study of the park’s grounds with a goal of assessing, interpreting and commemorating the site. 

    Mayor D.C. Reeves appointed a Community Advisory Group to assist the city in conducting this study. The group is tasked with gathering feedback from the community and to help generate ideas for eventual reinternment of the two individuals. This group will hold public meetings, with opportunities for public input and engagement throughout the process. 

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  3. If you have any photos or other documents related to Miraflores Park/Havana Square, please upload those below (optional).
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