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CRA Open Forum & Public Input

  1. Please note: There will be a time delay of about one (1) minute between actions in the live meeting and what is seen by the public watching via live stream. Staff will contact you at the appropriate time. During the call, please turn down the volume of any live streaming device to avoid potential audio issues.

  2. CRA Rules of Conduct:
    ► All comments should be addressed to the Chair of the meeting and not directed to another member, unless approved by the Chair.
    ► Except during Open Forum, remarks must be confined to the pending question or issue.
    ► The following commentary or action is not allowed:
    ▪ Political campaigning by or on behalf of a candidate.
    ▪ Personal attacks on members of the Board, staff or citizens.
    ▪ Loud or disruptive behavior which interferes with the conducting of the business at hand.
    ▪ Profane or threatening language or behavior.
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  4. Public Input on the CRA Agenda Item
    A member of the public may address any action or discussion item on CRA's agenda by submitting this form to the CRA prior to the item being considered. All comments shall be directed to the Chair and no comments or actions should be of a personal nature or disruptive nature. Please note Rules of Conduct above.

    I understand that my comments are limited to no more than three (3) minutes, unless determined otherwise by the Chair and my time may not be given to another.
  5. We will be contacting you at this number when it is your time to address the CRA. If the City staff member cannot reach you at the provided number, you will lose your opportunity to speak.
  6. CRA Resident:*
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  7. CRA Property Owner:*
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  8. CRA Business Owner:*
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  9. Florida has a very broad public records law. As a result, any written communication created or received by City of Pensacola officials and employees will be made available to the public and media, upon request, unless otherwise exempt. Under Florida law, email addresses are public records. If you do not want your email address released in response to a public records request, do not send electronic mail to this office. Instead, contact our office by phone or in writing.
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