Why was I sent a notice?
You received an official notification of the public hearing that took place at City Hall on August 23, 2001. At that meeting, City Council adopted a stormwater assessment fee.

The notice was sent to you as the owner of a developed property that will be affected by the fee. It includes the billing information for that specific property and an invitation for you to attend a meeting.

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1. Why was I sent a notice?
2. How much money will the city collect from this assessment at the $80.00 per year 2023 fiscal year proposed rate?
3. How will this money be spent?
4. Is the County involved in this program?
5. What is an ESU? (Equivalent Stormwater Unit)
6. What is an impervious surface?
7. How much will each residential property be charged?
8. How much will commercial properties pay?
9. I don't think my parcel should be charged a fee. How can I have it reviewed?