What is the number for Traffic Court?


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1. Where is the Pensacola Police Department?
2. What is your mailing address ?
3. What time is the parade/fireworks downtown?
4. What is the state law regarding child restraints?
5. How do you get a restraining order on someone?
6. Who is the Mayor?
7. What is your website link?
8. How do I make a Public Records Request to the Pensacola Police Department?
9. What is the address for City Hall?
10. Can you tell me if there is a warrant for my arrest? Can you tell me if there is a warrant on my friend?
11. When and where can I go to get fingerprinted, how much does it cost, and what do I need to bring with me?
12. How can I get a copy of a report and what does it cost?
13. When do you have vehicle and property auctions?
14. How do I apply for a job with the Pensacola Police Department?
15. How can I get into rookie school?
16. Can a person under 18 leave home and get married without parental permission?
17. What time does the city noise ordinance go into effect?
18. Do I have to register my firearm(s)?
19. Where can I get an application for a concealed weapon’s permit?
20. Can I have an officer’s home phone number?
21. Can you tell me if someone is in jail and what is the number to the jail?
22. What is the number for Traffic Court?
23. What is the number for the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office?
24. What hours are you open?