Can I move to another state with my voucher?
If you provided an address within Escambia County when you joined the waiting list, once you've been issued a voucher you may take it to any other housing authority. This is called "portability or porting out". If you did not live within Escambia County prior to receiving a voucher you would not be eligible to use portability until you've resided in Pensacola Housing's jurisdiction for 1 year.

A family must be in "good standing" with Pensacola Housing and receiving PHA in order to port to another jurisdiction. This means the family must not owe any unpaid rent and are current on any over payment amounts due to Pensacola Housing or the receiving PHA in order to receive a Housing Choice Voucher to move under portability.

If you currently have a voucher and meet the above criteria contact your counselor to ask about using portability.

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