How much will commercial properties pay?

All developed parcels (with over 100 sq. ft. of impervious surfaces) are assessed. Non-residential properties (commercial, industrial, governmental, etc.) are assessed based on the impervious area associated with their property. The calculation considers the total amount of impervious surfaces (building footprint, parking lot, sidewalks and other paved surfaces) divided by the billing unit value of 2,998 and then is multiplied by the adopted rate. In some cases, a reduction to the bill amount can be granted if the property has a privately maintained drainage facility in place. Some non-residential properties that were constructed after 1986 automatically receive a mitigation credit. Additional information on mitigation credits may be obtained by contacting the City’s Public Works Department (850 435-1755)

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1. Why was I sent a notice?
2. How much money will the city collect from this assessment at the $80.00 per year 2023 fiscal year proposed rate?
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5. What is an ESU? (Equivalent Stormwater Unit)
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7. How much will each residential property be charged?
8. How much will commercial properties pay?
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