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Posted on: February 4, 2019

Public Input Session Environment meeting notes

Christian Wagley- January 29

-Started Slow Rides

-Fact-based science to inform us and make good decisions

-Report Template

-City Environmental issues

  • Trees
  • Light pollution
  • Stormwater and flooding
  • Climate change
  • Clean energy
  • More bicycle and pedestrian community
  • Water pollution
  • Littering
  • Noise pollution

-Guidance for Input

  • What are the environmental issues that most concern you as they relate to the City of Pensacola?
  • Can you suggest helpful environmental indicated that can be measured, so that the environmental health of our City can be tracked over time?
  • Do you have specific recommendations for how the City can improve environmental quality?

Public Input

  • East hill neighborhood, noise pollution-battery powered leaf blowers. Too much noise and too often in the neighborhood. Leaves being blown into the streets. Suggestion is to reduce noise and clean air.
  • Drinking water- follow the ECUA political round. Do I believe the high quality mail outs from ECUA. Where do we measure the drinking water. City program that checks the quality of water in the city. Why don’t we have a program that allows residence to check the drinking water. Bring attention to the issue.
  • Gas powered leaf blowers-the noise is horrible in our neighborhood. Trucks and trailers fill the streets. Neighbor is a landscaper and will blow 5 plus blowers on Saturday. Chainsaws going till 8:00. Blowing on Sunday mornings. Dust and exhaust flying. Neighbors feel that they have the right. Over 130 cities have noise ordinances. Proposing an ordinance days, duration and device. Monday-Friday for commercial leaf blowing, 30 minutes at a time if you have an acre or less, move towards battery powered blowers. Quieter blowers in residential neighborhoods. Not a great place for kids to grow up. Follow best practices. Quint Studer switched to electric. Palm beach has a great noise ordinance on leaf blowers.
  • A lot of new people moving into the neighborhoods. They take out native vegetation and put in non native vegetation. The area is a biological hotspot, migratory birds that come to our area. Cognizant of what we have. Resources in our community to educate new people. Who we share the landscape with. 80% native landscape and 20% non native.
  • Public areas being more meadowed? Not so much in City limits. Above 18 in of grass violates an ordinance.
  • Needs of more tree planting and more beautification of downtown. Parks are not landscaped and do not have plants.
  • EAB First Thursday of each month. First floor of city hall.
  • Terrified about what I am putting into my body from drinking fountain and faucet. Lack of recycling in businesses. Private automobiles cause air pollution, noise pollution. Encouragement and enhancement of the roads to foster bike riding safely.
  • Carbon emissions-cars, leaf blowers, public transit system. Urban development more people coming to live here. Concerned about urban sprawl and renovate older buildings. Making our town more walkable and bike friendly. Abandon single use plastic. Partner with local grocery stores and charge for plastic bags. Litter is a huge issue. Partner with homelessness and picking up trash. Lighting issue on Pensacola Beach and the effects on sea turtles. Waste issues here.
  • Reusable straws, reusable bags, city get on board to encourage businesses to not use single use plastic. Water fountains in the airport.
  • Stormwater problem. Tree ordinance is under fine tuning comes before the EAB. Education through the general public. Tree pruning and putting utilities underground. Think outside the box to reduce carbon. More electric stations in the city. Development of hydrogen. Volunteers for committees. Earth day, project greenshores. Encourage you to go to Bruce Beach.

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