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Posted on: January 15, 2019

Public Input Session Governance meeting notes

Kristie Tobias- January 11, 2019

Public Input Session

Leadership Forum


-Focus on Goals and Accountability

-What are the top 1-2 mission based goals you have in your department?

• Police- Core values-curtesy, integrity, professionalism -How is it measured?

• CRA-Fight and prevent blight, support affordable housing, partner with the private

sector to strengthen and secure the tax base.

• Fire- fire prevention, more involved with the community, training-keeping up with new


• Sanitation-Customer service, core value customers are number 1

• Inspection- Customer service, electronic route, ease of access, online permitting,

• Technology-Security of the network and data, secure the employees

• Port- Customer service-ensure cargo moves through the port safely and efficiently

Business Development-building a port that maximizes revenue, improve quality of life

benefits to the community

• Finance-Facilitate and support governmental service and have sound financial services

• Human Resources- Internal and external-rights, benefits for employees, employee

recognition events, employees engaged, accountability

What drives you each day, why are you here in the session?

• Police- Citizen pride, Curtesy, employee pride,

• City Council- Being most efficient, improvement, more collaborative with departments

• Human Resources-Employee satisfaction, provide more for employees and public,

• Fire-Leave the department better than when I came, Above and beyond than what is


• Human Resources- Goal to be we are a city and not be so departmentalized, goal to

come together and create a culture

• Call Center- bring up the morale


- If you were to identify your top 5 goals what are they and how are they measured?

- What are we measuring against?


• Technology impacts not just internally but externally as well. If internal departments

can’t do their job that impacts the citizens.

-Performance Management System

-What are your goals and how do they connect to your mission?

-Collaborate on mission, vision, and values

-What are the standards of behavior of the city?

-How are we measuring them?

-How many times have you gone through change with leadership?

-What are the goals and standards and how are they cascaded?

-Continuing to drive our culture to the next level. recordings

-Invite your employees that you would like to attend the Employee Meeting

Kristie Tobias will send out follow-up requests for feedback early next week.

Average rating of meeting was a 9.0

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