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Posted on: January 9, 2019

Public Input Session Education meeting notes




-Sign in sheets

-Mayor Robinson

-Partnering with School Board

-How to use city assets

-Focus on 2-3 recommendations

-Michelle Salzman

-Communicate and Connect resources

-Children getting to schools safely

-PTA does go to Tallahassee and

-Communication of the resources that the city provides but the community does not know the resources that are provided.

-City does work with the school district and county but there is only so much they can do

-Struggling schools are in the pockets of poverty

-Talking to Malcolm Thomas on how the city and school board work together. How do we share resources?

-Organizations to provide services at community centers

Public Input

-More than 4000 open vacancies at the start of the year

-Pay raises that have not been addressed for teachers

-Long term subs rather than full time teachers

-Teachers are leaving school because of salaries

-Advocate with lobbyists on our behalf with teachers, parents, students and local governments

-Keep in contact with teachers and the union about the concerns and problems facing schools

-Do you have actual teachers on your team?


-Crossing Summit Blvd on bikes for children getting to school in the morning.

-Small portion of sidewalk in front of the fire station but will extend

Walkability to schools

-Heat map to understand the crossing to figure out where crosswalks go

-Where should we look at that are in the most need

-Being creative on how we can work together on crosswalks

-FDOT has identified us as a red county and have maxed out the money each year. Outside the radius of the school the money can not be used. Safe routes to school.

-Priority to get kids safely to school

-Idea of walkability. County, city and school board have to pay for children to get to school maybe sidewalks can cut cost of buses

-What can we do as a community-how can we provide low cost mortgages, transportation to lessen the load of low pay

-Escambia County has many struggling schools. How can we address those schools?

-What are you going to do about Workman Middle School.

Patti Hightower

-We need to communicate better at the District Level.

-Workman has been in conversations

-We take safety very seriously.

-What suggestions do you have for Workman

-You can call Patti Hightower

Middle Schoolers

-Keeping kids safe can be facilitated by experienced teachers in the classroom

-How do we keep the teachers in the classroom

-Celebrating education system

-Business/School partnerships

-Teachers left Workman

-PTAs working with other schools that are not well established.

-Feeding people will get them there. Holding classes for parents and children, how to teach your children.

-OJ Semmes was adopted by a church

-Sharing what works with schools and implement them here

-Expanding learning time

-Digital learning platforms

-Performance pay issue

-Collective impact frame-Harlem Children’s Zone

-Promise neighborhoods Proposal

-Achieve Escambia

-Pairing high performing schools with low performing schools

-Business, congregations and others within the neighborhood supporting the neighborhood schools


-What is our role as a member of the community to support the students, parents, teachers and administrators

-Culture shift, city wide internet at community centers, or parks. Extend to the county. Accessibility of WIFI in communities.

-Closing of schools and combining schools causes schools to be larger

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