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Posted on: January 9, 2019

Public Input Session Governance meeting notes

Kristie Tobias- January 4, 2019

Public Input Session



-What is your mission at a City level and department level?

* Pensacola Energy-a mission statement, core values-safety and continuous improvement

* Fire Department- Excellence Service in a changing environment, following the best practice, service minded, dedication and compassion-national best practices

* Economic Development- Help Pensacola remain competitive in a global market now and in the future

* Direct quality customer service, being competitive with outside communities, using analytics

* Police-Creating a culture, community is the police and the police are the community-intentional about leadership development and skill development

* Planning- Highlighting things going well

* Human Resources-Strategic goals, each department should have goals, catered toward the overall strategic goals of the city. Performance management city wide competencies each department has their own competencies each individual employee has individual performance objectives.

* Recruiting and Training-Pillars are foundation. Everyone has individual goals. Alignment would be great. Pillars that drive your success

* Public Information Office -Highlight the wonderful things that departments are doing. Take comments that are negative and take action to change

* Housing Department- Grant dollars that are measured against national and if they are not used, they are taken away. Cascade information down to your team

-What are your department goals or individual goals?

* Recruiting and training-how quickly we fill jobs, rely on hiring managers, measured on how many jobs are filled internally. Turnover rates, retention rates, City as a whole

* Police- Developing the leadership skills and leadership skills, when I leave, I leave the police department in good condition. Having a succession plan

* Human Resources- Internal communication- Monthly newsletter, methods to get information to employees

-What does leadership development look like? What training opportunities are we providing?

-What do monthly meetings look like? Are employees engaged in these meetings?

-We hold ourselves accountable, what should that look like, how are we role modeling to our team?

-Reward and Recognition promotes engagement

-When you take City level goals and you make them more specific to your department then cascade down to individuals

-Every generation wants to feel connected and engaged

-What do goals look like for our department and like minded outside

Public Input

-Dottie Dobuissom- Goals did not mention Integrity, encourage commitment to professional integrity. Create incentives who promote integrity. Legal way for incentives who live in the city. Incentivize training, what are the holes that we are missing?

-Vince Sullivan- More transparency, meeting every month like this that gives people a chance to speak

-Vallery Cruise- Concern the beautification and safety issues. Safety- fundraiser for safety, donate money for roads. Wants the best for the city.

-John Johnson-Addressing homelessness in our community advocate and combat. Commend the police department-friendliest and their efforts to help homeless people. Panhandling- does not help end homelessness. Mission and goals to make sure that those who are homeless and want to end their homelessness are able to. Willingness to partner with others

For those who were not able to attend this meeting Kristie will hold the second session for leaders January 11th.

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