LEAP Trail

Not just for fitness junkies… LEAP Trail is an inclusive activity space that improves the quality of life for our community's residents and guests. It's a place for athletes, family fun and people of leisure. LEAP Trail is used by runners, joggers, skateboarders, dog walkers and bicyclists—couples, families, children and the elderly.

The LEAP Trail consists of 3 components:

The LEAP Class of 2013 began planning the trail in September 2012 and construction was complete by May 2013. Fundraising efforts by the class members of LEAP made the trail and its amenities possible including the workout station equipment, fixtures, playground and other amenities.

Explore the amenities the trail has to offer then Get Out & Play at the LEAP Trail!

LEAP Trail Map
The LEAP Trail's track starts near the Pensacola International Airport and ends on Jerry L. Maygarden Road.