All of Port of Pensacola is considered a Secure-Restricted Area. All individuals must comply with the following requirements in accordance with  the Maritime Transportation Security Act (MTSA).

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Access Policy - Port Access

Transport Worker Identification Credentials
  • All personnel working or providing a service to the Port must obtain a TWIC.
  • Federal, State and local government officials/employees (including law enforcement & fire department) are not required to obtain a TWIC, however they will be required to present his/her agency issued credential.
  • The enrollment process for the TWIC Application Program is available at Universal Enrollment Services (UES):
  • Please visit TSA's website to locate the closest TWIC office near you:
TWIC Escort Policy 
  • All personnel must be conducting official business.
  • TWIC escorting is deemed "side-by-side companion".
  • Visitors must be escorted by a valid TWIC holder at all times.
  • Each valid TWIC holder may escort a maximum of five (5) individuals at any one time. 

TWIC Care & Handling Instructions

Your TWIC is essential to your ability to work in a Secure-Restricted area of a maritime facility or vessel and therefore must be properly cared for because a damaged TWIC will cost you $60 to replace.

  • Do not punch a hole in the TWIC to hang on a lanyard. You will damage the antenna and obstruct security features on the card.
  • Do not bend the TWIC or leave it in your back pocket unprotected.
  • While you may utilize a protective case, ensure it is not a tamper proof case that prohibits the TWIC from being removed for proper visual inspection.
  • Do not leave your TWIC in direct sunlight for extended periods of time (i.e. hanging on a rearview mirror). It will melt and damage the security chip.
  • Do not place any stickers, photos, or tape on your TWIC as they will obscure security features from visual inspection.

TWIC Pin Number

Pin Numbers are used to enroll you into the Port's access control system and makes entering the facility easier and faster. Remember to bring your Pin Number to the access control gate (one time only) to register.
Access Policy - Crew Members

The TWIC escort requirements do not apply to mariners working immediately adjacent to the vessels they are employed aboard while in the conduct of normal operations in support of the vessel (e.g. attach shore ties, perform maintenance, read load lines, load stores, etc.).

Crew members that do not possess a TWIC and wish to disembark from the vessel while at berth, for any other reason, must be escorted side-by-side from the vessel to any destination within the Port of Pensacola facilities by a valid TWIC escort.

Compliance with this policy is the sole responsibility of the vessel. Vessels that allow crew members to violate this policy may be required to employ Port of Pensacola certified gangway guards, at the vessel's expense, to ensure compliance.

Requests to visit with ship's officers or crew, by individuals who do not possess a TWIC must be escorted side-by-side from gate to vessel and vessel to gate.

TWIC Escort Services are listed at the below links:
Maritime Services>Logistical Resources>TWIC Escort Services
Maritime Services>Logistical Resources>TWIC Escort Taxi Services
Access Policy - Persons Under Seventeen (17)
The Port of Pensacola's policy states that no one under the age of seventeen (17) is permitted to piers, wharves, warehouses, open cargo storage areas, loading and unloading areas, rail spurs and holding tracks or areas containing critical facility infrastructure unless such person is a part of an authorized, escorted tour conducted by Port of Pensacola officials.

Persons under the age of 17 may be permitted occasional access to administrative offices located within the restricted areas of the port when accompanied by a parent or guardian if such parent or guardian is permanently employed by the port or is a tenant leasing offices within the restricted areas of the port. Each person under the age of 17 must be continuously escorted in accordance with the policies of the port for the duration of their visit.

Persons under the age of 17 that are riding with cargo laden vehicles must remain inside the vehicle at all times.
Permission for visits by persons under the age of 17 must be requested in advance for each visit and each person must be logged in and out of restricted port facilities in accordance with the established policies of the Port of Pensacola. Permission for visits by persons under the age of 17 may ONLY be granted as follows:

  • A written request made containing the full name, date of birth, and permanent address of the minor; email is an acceptable form of written request and should be made in advance of the visit.
  • If available, photo identification should also be presented at the security gate.

Under extreme circumstances (and agreed to by Port FSO/AFSO) verbal authorization will be considered as a last resort.

  • All request must include the full name, date of birth, and permanent address of the minor which will be retained by Port Security.
  • If available, photo identification should also be presented at the security gate.

In the absence of FSO/AFSO, the following individuals may grant permission:  

  • Chief of Port Security
  • Port Economic Development Manager
  • Port Director

The Port reserves the right to deny granting permission for visits or revoke permission previously granted when the following occurs:

  • Submittal of false or misleading information to the Port.
  • Any attempt to enter piers, wharves, warehouses, open cargo storage areas, loading and unloading areas, rail spurs and holding tracks or areas containing critical facility infrastructure.
  • Any attempt to bypass established entry points.

General Policies

  • Individuals & vehicles entering the Port are subject to search at any time.
  • Firearms are NOT permitted within the Port (with the exception of law enforcement officials).
  • The Port Facility Security Plan, Tariff, and Policies of the Port Director are the controlling documents for Port regulations.