Residential Market Potential Survey, 2004 and 2008

The CRA has seen much improvement in a variety of business activities over the past twenty years; however, residential growth has stagnated in many of our inner city neighborhoods and this appears to be limiting continued revitalization of our city. It is widely recognized that a growing and diverse residential population can bolster commercial and cultural activities and strengthen our local economy and quality of life, and that maintaining an appropriate balance of activities Downtown can in turn have a positive impact on our entire region.

In the Fall of 2008 the CRA and Downtown Improvement Board (DIB) recommissioned Zimmerman & Volk, Inc. to update their 2004 study identifying the market potential for new market-rate housing units to be leased or sold within both the Community Redevelopment Area (the CRA Study Area) and within Downtown Pensacola. The 2008 and 2004 studies are provided in PDF format below.