Urban Core Community Redevelopment (CRA) Plan, 2010

Local municipalities and community redevelopment agencies are granted the authority to undertake redevelopment projects following adoption of a community redevelopment plan as outlined in the Community Redevelopment Act (§163.360). The Redevelopment Plan guides future development and expenditures from the Trust Fund so as to eliminate existing conditions of blight and to create a condition for continued private reinvestment in the district. The Plan provides a framework for coordinating and facilitating public and private redevelopment of the Area. Development and implementation of the Plan involves the efforts of the Agency, the private sector financial and business community and other governmental agencies. Following the adoption of the initial Plan, subsequent modifications and amendments may be adopted by the Governing Body pursuant to §163.361.

The Urban Core Community Redevelopment Agency of the City of Pensacola adopted its first Plan in 1984 and second plan in 1989. The projects and elements of the 1989 Plan were consistently implemented, with numerous minor amendments over the years based on small area or task specific plans, studies, and reports.

Significant changes within the CRA are currently underway, most notably the relocation of the wastewater treatment plant from downtown and the development of the Community Maritime Park and the Technology Park. In anticipation of the impact of these developments, the CRA adopted a new comprehensive Master Plan for the CRA that will be critical in upcoming years to leverage the funding resources available and continue to stimulate economic growth.

The 2010 CRA Plan establishes the framework for transformative policies and investments in the Community Redevelopment Area. Within that context, the plan provides policy, programmatic and fiscal direction for the CRA as Pensacola reshapes its urban landscape and waterfront. The Plan is comprised of the following two (2) volumes:

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