Brian Spencer

Brian Spencer was elected to represent District 6 in November 2010 and served as President of the City Council from November 22, 2016, to November 28, 2017. He represents the City Council on the Downtown Improvement Board and Keep Pensacola Beautiful, Inc.

Brian's family moved to the Pensacola area in 1960. Following high school, Brian attended Duke University for his undergraduate degree and Tulane University where he received a Masters in Architecture. Upon finishing school, Brian returned to Pensacola to practice architecture.

Brian is a founding principal of SMP Architecture which he began in 1989. He has earned a local reputation for his passion in revitalizing older buildings and neighborhoods. Brian is an avid runner and marathoner. His training allows him to cover miles of Pensacola streets before 8 am each morning.

Brian and his wife, Crystal, live and work in downtown Pensacola. They are very involved in a number of local civic and charitable causes.

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