Community Redevelopment Agency


On September 25, 1980, the Pensacola City Council made the determination that a blighted area existed in the city, and that there was a need for a redevelopment agency to rehabilitate, conserve and implement the redevelopment and revitalization of this blighted area. Therefore, Resolution 54-80 (PDF) created the Pensacola Inner City Community Redevelopment Area and Resolution 65-81 (PDF) reaffirmed it. Based on this determination, the City Council declared itself the Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 163, Part III, Florida Statutes. This action, adopted by Resolution No. 55-80 (PDF) and amended by Resolution 22-10 (PDF), also outlined the rights, powers, duties, privileges and immunities invested in the City Council acting as the CRA. The CRA exists until dissolved by action of the City Council. Downtown Pensacola's redevelopment efforts are guided by the CRA, which is comprised of the seven City Council members and a citizenry, determined to revitalize the historic waterfront and inner-city neighborhoods. For full details, visit the link. Community Redevelopment Agency | City of Pensacola, Florida Official Website 

MembershipSeven members; currently the seven members of the City Council serve as CRA board members.
Term of OfficeConcurrent with Council member terms
Is Financial Disclosure Required?Yes
Meeting ScheduleMonthly, immediately following City Council Agenda Conference.
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Current MemberCharles Bare
Jennifer Brahier, Chairperson
Teniade Broughton
Casey Jones
Jared Moore
Allison Patton, Vice-Chairperson
Delarian Wiggins