State Funding for Community Center

City Pursuing State Grant Funding for 

Fricker Resource Center




City of Pensacola is excited to announce that it is currently pursuing $4,000,000 in grant funding from Florida Commerce through its Multi-Purpose Community Facilities (MPCF) Program grant opportunity. Recently, the State of Florida designated $83.9 million in funding for the Multi-Purpose Community Facilities Program to improve and expand the education, health, and employment services. City of Pensacola wishes to pursue these grant funds to help enhance activities offered at the Fricker Resource Center, located at 900 North F Street in Pensacola, FL.


As part of the grant and city initiatives, The City of Pensacola is asking that citizens partake in a public comment period to obtain citizen comments concerning the City's intent to apply for these specific projects. The City will use these public input results to shape the grant proposal as well as the overall project.  This public comment period shall be open from 6 a.m. September 22, 2023, to midnight, October 5, 2023. Written comments may be submitted online at the Grants Public Notices webpage which is found under the Financial Services center or by clicking here.


Residents wanting additional information on proposed projects or to request a draft application should contact Joel Hollon at or by phone at 850-435-1824.