Proposed Charter Amendments

On November 8, 2022 City voters will be asked to consider proposed amendments to the City Charter.  In accordance with the Charter, a Charter Commission was formed which met and developed a list of proposed amendments.  City Council then reviewed those proposals and developed five (5) questions that will be on the ballot for voter consideration.

 State law prohibits the City from taking a position in favor of or against the approval of the ballot questions. In order for voters to have appropriate and factual information through which to make informed decisions, below you will find the ballot questions along with the sections of the Charter which are proposed to be amended by each numbered question. Language proposed to be removed is indicated by strike through and language proposed to be added is indicated by underline.

Ordinance 23-22- Question 1 - Info  

Ordinance 24-22 - Question 2 - Info

Ordinance 25-22 - Question 3 - Info

Ordinance 24-22 Question 4 - Info

Ordinance 24-22 Question54 - Info