Jennifer Brahier

On November 24, 2020, Jennifer Brahier was installed as the City Council Member for District 1.

Councilmember Brahier became a resident of the Scenic Heights neighborhood in Pensacola in 1974. As the child of a Military family (Mother and Father both served) who spent a childhood creating memories of traveling to beautiful and unique places across the world, Jennifer chose Pensacola to plant roots and raise her family many, many years ago.  She herself grew up in Pensacola from a daughter, to wife, mother, aunt, and grandmama.   All while building lasting friendships with neighbors and colleagues.  Today, Jennifer is proud her children have made the same choice to raise her 6 grandchildren here in addition to many nieces and nephews. Jennifer enjoys spending her “free time” soaking up the fresh-air and making memories with her extended family. 

Councilmember Brahier was elected to serve the residents of District 1 in 2020 and has continued to make good on her campaign promises to listen, respond, and represent those within the District and beyond.  While Jennifer remains focused on District 1, she respects the relationships and partnerships she has curated with residents throughout the City, as well as the City of Pensacola staff, to enhance and expand public access and usage and to continue the precedent she has started to first take care and refurbish what we have before building more. 

During her time as a Councilmember, Jennifer has worked with City Council, the Mayor and staff for the updating of infrastructure in District 1, making the roads safer for drivers and pedestrians.  Jennifer plans to continue this collaboration to positively impact amenities throughout the district and the City as a whole, giving the community safe recreational environments to come and enjoy together.  Collaborative updates include renovations to the Scenic Heights park and the Roger Scott Athletic Complex, a new dog park, and playground equipment in Eastgate and Belvedere Parks.  Jennifer’s fondness of nature and environmental acumen has moved her to propose and assist in passing legislation to preserve Hitzman-Optimist Park Urban forest which also includes expanding and securing recreational spaces for generations to come.

Councilmember Brahier is a full-time tenured professor of mathematics at Pensacola State College while continuing to remain available to collaborate with the residents to resolve issues and concerns.  In addition, Councilmember Brahier’s priorities remain the same since the day she took her oath as a public servant: to listen, respond, and represent the constituents. In addition, she respects her duty to protect and maintain the many invaluable resources Pensacola already has to offer without overlooking the opportunities Pensacola is offered to expand its amenities to the residents.