DUI Unit / Retail District / Parks

This unit has officers specifically assigned to certain duties, but they also respond to patrol calls as needed.

The DUI Unit patrols the roads looking for impaired drivers, and then does sobriety and intoxilyzer tests on suspected impaired drivers. Two of the officers also have been trained as drug recognition experts, meaning they have successfully completed training to determine if a person is under the influence of drugs while driving.

Officers assigned to the Retail District primarily work the north end of the city near Cordova Mall. They, too, respond to patrol on various calls. Shoplifters, criminal mischiefs, disturbances, parking complaints, traffic crashes, and other violations keep these officers busy in the northern Retail District area.

An officer also is assigned to monitor the city's parks, oftentimes conducting foot patrol throughout parks to check for loitering, being in areas that are closed to the public, criminal mischief, and other offenses. The officer also responds as back-up to patrol officers are needed.