Virtual Programming

Stay connected! Here is a list of resources produced by City of Pensacola Parks and Recreation staff to help keep you and your family active and engaged through this challenging time. Stay home. We’re bringing how-tos, lessons and sessions directly to you!

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Athletics Coordinator, Alex Odee is here to share tips and drills to help you improve your ball handle on the court!  


Learn how to play open space Bocce with Bayview Senior Center Assistant Supervisor, Molly Mahtani!

Bocce sets can be reserved for exclusive use in Bayview Park, Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. to noon. Rental periods last for one hour. A maximum of two bocce sets are available to rent per hour to provide staff adequate time to disinfect after each use. Identification will be held by staff for the duration of the rental period and provided back upon return of the bocce set. 

A $1.00 donation for your rental to help fund senior programs at Bayview Senior Center is encouraged, but not required. 

Call (850) 436-5190 to reserve your bocce set!


Prepare to bring out your best dance moves with a good proper stretch. Gull Point Resource Center dance instructor Ms. Tracey shares exercises that can be performed from anywhere. With practice, you’ll be ready to make your big debut in no time!


Woodland Heights Resource Center staff members, Drea’ and Aiyanna show us how to make hand sanitizer using items that are readliy accessible at home!

Sanders Beach-Corinne Jones Center Coordinator, Betsy Huhn and family, show you how make pancakes and how to pick the best strawberry in the patch! Strawberry pancakes anyone? Yum!

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Improve your fitness and form with the following exercises presented by our Gulf Coast Running Club, a.k.a. the G.O.A.T. Farm!

Our student athletes perform the exercises displayed in each video, while Parks and Recreation Area Manager and Athletic Coach, Michael Mims, notes how each exercise will benefit your game, on or off-season!


Demonstrated by Central High School Senior, Dalton Lewis

The lunge is an easy to learn and easy to execute exercise. This exercise is also safe and extremely effective. This exercise primarily targets the quadriceps and glutes. Secondary benefits can also be had in the hamstrings, calves, and core.


Demonstrated  by PCA Sophomore Jon Tutton 

Planks are a simple, but effective, core exercise. They can be performed without any equipment, within minimal space. Benefits of this exercise are improved balance, core definition and metabolism. Planks have also been found to decrease the risk of back injuries when lifting objects.


Demonstrated by Washington High School Junior, Riah Harris

Bodyweight Squats have several benefits and can be performed in any open space without any equipment. This exercise builds strength in the glutes, hamstrings and quads. The movements performed during this exercise also stimulate muscle building hormone production which in turn strengthens the entire body.


Demonstrated by Pace High School Senior, Aza Boykin

Russian Twists can be done in a small space with no equipment. It targets your core, obliques and spine. Benefits include improved posture, balance and core strength. 

The G.O.A.T Farm performs these exercises on timed intervals for five total sets.  

Beginners can start at 30 seconds and build to one minute, if exercises are used for strength training purpose.  For cardio, exercises can be performed for five sets at two minutes each, adding time and sets as needed.

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Learn how to hit a chip and pitch shot with Osceola Golf Course General Manager and Golf Professional Adrian Stills!


Decompress from the stressors of the day with Grammy nominated musician and Sanders Beach-Corinne Jones Resource Center instructor Michael Brant DeMaria. Michael’s YouTube channel offers an expansive catalog of methods that can you find peace and calm in your day to day. Be sure to subscribe if you want to receive notifications of when new videos are uploaded!

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Older adults and individuals with underlying medical conditions are among the most vulnerable during the COVID-19 pandemic. Bayview Senior Center staff are here to help keep your spirits up, and your mind and body active. Programming is now available via Facebook Live! There’s tons of daily fun in store. Don’t believe us? Watch the video below to see what they’ve been up to over the past few weeks!

Don’t miss out! Visit Bayview Senior Center on Facebook to join in on the fun!

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Roger Scott Tennis Center Director, Brock Sakey recommends these tips to help you keep up on your game while our courts are closed. 

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Namaste at home. Turn on your device, roll out your mat and embrace yoga’s many health benefits during this introduction of Gull Point Resource Center’s instructor led virtual course, Yoga with Val

Want to continue the fun? Enjoy these family-friendly virtual programs provided by our partners and affiliates! 

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