Record’s Service Fees

To bring us in compliance with fees allowed by Chapter 119, Public Records, some of our pricing for copies of records have had to be changed.  Several of our fees are set by State Statutes or City Ordinances, so in order to comply; a couple of changes have been made. 

The cost for copies of records will be charged at $0.15 per page for single-sided copies and $0.20 per page for two sided copies. The amount we charge for research time is $23.17 per hour (prorated in 15 minute increments after the first 30 mins), which is based on the median salary of a Police Records Clerk.  All other fees will remain the same.

We accept cash, locally addressed checks and credit cards. There is a 2.5% service fee for using credit card payment.
Checks Payable: City of Pensacola
Returned Check Fee: $20.00 plus amount of original check

Records Fee
Background Record Checks $5.00 and cost of copies, if applicable
Vehicle Inspections: Wrecker $10.00
Vehicle Inspections: Repair Inspection – Faulty Equipment Uniform Citation $4.00
Fingerprints: 1 card $10.00 
Fingerprints: each additional card $5.00 
Photostats: All reports - Offense, Arrest, Traffic Crash, etc $ 0.15/page, single-sided
$ 0.20/page, two-sided
Photostats: Traffic Homicide Report $25.00 each
Photostats: Traffic Citation copy $0.50 each
Research Time:  $23.17/hour (prorated in 15 minute increments)
Research Time: First 30 mins  No Charge
Research Time: 00 – 15 mins $5.79/cost of copies
Research Time: 15 – 30 mins $11.59/cost of copies
Research Time: 30 – 45 mins $17.38/cost of copies
Research Time: 45 – 60 mins $23.17/cost of copies
Cost of CD/DVD  $0.50 each
Notary Public fee $10.00 per notarized document
Certified Copy $1.00 per copy certified
Photographs $1.00 each (4” x 6”)