Administrative Policies & Procedures

Policy NumberTitleAttachmentsDate CreatedLast Revision
401.0Work Week (PDF) 12-14-17 
402.0Holiday, Personal, & Anniversary Leave (PDF)Personal Leave Form - PF300 (PDF)12-19-17 
  2018 Observed Holidays (PDF)  
403.0Employee Disciplinary (PDF)Report of Employee Reprimand - PF802 (PDF)01-23-18 
  Notice of Disciplinary Action
 - PF803 (PDF)

404.0Disciplinary Appeal (PDF)Notice of Appeal of Disciplinary Action (PDF)01-23-18 
405.0Employee Administrative Appeal (PDF)Administrative Appeal Form (PDF)01-25-18 
406.0Ethical Standards (PDF) 01-24-18 
408.0Drug and Alcohol Policy (PDF)City of Pensacola Drug-Free Workplace Handout (PDF)04-10-18 
409.0Apparel & Grooming (PDF) 01-19-18 
411.0Tobacco Policy (PDF) 02-07-18 
413.0Discrimination, Sexual Harassment, Retaliation & Other Inappropriate Behavior Policy (PDF)Incident Form (PDF)01-18-18 
414.0Leave Policy (PDF)

Personal Time-Off Leave Slip- PF300 (PDF)05-01-18 
  Request for Emergency Leave Form - PF302 (PDF)05-01-18 
  Application for Family and Medical Leave - PF305 (PDF)05-01-18 
  Leave Transfer Form - PF306 (PDF)05-01-18 
  Recommendation for Personnel Action Form - PF501 (PDF)05-01-18 
415.0General Employment Policy (PDF)Accident Investigation Form - PF352 (PDF)  
416.0Fraud Policy (PDF)Fraud Risk Assessment (PDF)05-02-18 
417.0Secondary Employment Policy (PDF)Secondary Employment Form - PF405 (PDF)05-09-18 
  Termination of Secondary Employment Form - PF406 (PDF)05-09-18 
501.0Dissemination of Finance Related Information Policy (PDF) 05-02-18 
601.0Preservation of Brick Streets (PDF)Assessment Calculation Method (PDF)12-13-17 
  Petition Form (PDF)12-13-17 
  Restoration of Brick Example (PDF)12-13-17 
  Asphalt Rehabilitation Example (PDF)12-13-17 
602.0Request To Hang Pole Banners (PDF)Pole Banner License Request Form (PDF)1-09-18 
701.0Political Activities (PDF) 12-19-17 
702.0Gifts (PDF) 12-18-17 
801.0Cell Phone Policy (PDF)Employee Certification Form (PDF)07-13-18

Department Mobile Communications Device Request Form (PDF)07-13-18