Fire Station 3

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Project Description

In the words of Pensacola Fire Chief Ginny Cranor, it is actually starting to look like a fire station.

Work on the new Fire Station #3 is well underway despite a brief halt in construction October 2017. 

For those of you not familiar, here is the short version:

An endangered tortoise made its way to the construction site on Summit Boulevard and took up residency. The shelled reptile was relocated to Walton County where it could fulfill the rest of its long-lasting life. The end.

Back to the fire station. 

The trust work is going in. Electrical, heating ventilation air conditioning (HVAC), and plumbing sub-contractors are on-site and installing their work.

The new building will replace the nearly 50-year-old building that firefighters are currently housed in at 2750 Summit Boulevard. It also will host the department’s newest fire engine. 

The reason for this move is due to the “runways cone of flight path”. Why is that you may ask? Well, the little area across the street from the fire station, also known as the Pensacola International Airport, asked that the new station not be built on the current plot of land that it sits on due to its location in relation to the flight path. We love our local airport, so down the street it is.

The project is expected to ready for a ribbon cutting ceremony by the beginning of 2019.  

Chief Cranor said what makes her most excited about the new building is having her team in it.