Infrastructure Improvement Projects

Street resurfacing and natural gas distribution system improvements

A city-wide program is underway to resurface more than 1,800 blocks, or approximately 119-miles of city streets and roadways. In addition, Pensacola Energy is replacing 46-miles of obsolete cast-iron natural gas main. Click to learn more.


There are approximately 326-miles, or 4900 blocks of streets and roadways in Pensacola. Taxpayers have a tremendous investment in transportation infrastructure, and protecting this investment is a primary responsibility of city government.

In 2017 the City of Pensacola embarked on a multi-year program to mill and resurface more than 1,800 blocks, or approximately 119-miles of city streets and roadways. Downtown streets, commercial thoroughfares, and residential streets throughout Pensacola are included in the program which is scheduled for completion in late 2018.

The rehabilitation effort addresses years of deferred maintenance. None of the streets in the program have been resurfaced in at least a decade.

Benefits of the street resurfacing program include:

•Increased traffic safety.
•Reduced future maintenance costs.
•Less wear-and-tear on vehicles.
•Smoother riding surfaces.
•Better fuel efficiency.
•Aesthetic improvements for neighborhoods and commercial areas.

Pensacola Energy operates more than 1,600-miles of underground natural gas main that serves approximately 43,000 homes and businesses with clean, efficient, and economical natural gas. Much of the natural gas distribution system is comprised of obsolete, cast-iron pipes, many of which have been in service for more than a century.  

The city is replacing 82-miles of cast-iron gas main with  modern, polyethylene piping. The polyethylene pipes are safer, more reliable, and less expensive to maintain than the aging cast-iron pipes.

Pensacola Energy’s natural gas distribution system improvements are scheduled for completion in mid-2019.

Roadway Lighting

Roadway lighting Inventory and Policy Report

Citywide Sidewalks

Citywide Sidewalk Inventory and ADA Assessment