During The Storm

Rising Water and Flooding

Rising waters can be an issue, especially in low-lying areas. Storms can have strong winds and floods, so seek a safe shelter before the storm. If there is a chance of flash flooding, be certain to move to higher ground immediately. DO NOT attempt to drive through any moving or high rising water.

Electrical Wires

Once high winds begin, remember that winds can knock loose high wires which have extremely strong voltage. Do not attempt to cross over the wires, move wires, or remove tree branches off wires. After the storm, please contact Gulf Power at 1-800-487-6937 to remove the wires or report any power outages.

Evacuation Shelters

Hurricane evacuation shelters are provided for public use in the event a hurricane evacuation is necessary and residents have no other option for refuge. Buildings used for evacuation shelters are generally public schools staffed by Red Cross volunteers. However, often churches will provide shelter as well. Shelter information is available online or by calling 850-471-6400. 

What to Do with Pets

Have a plan for your pets. Residents can check with pet-friendly relatives or friends who live outside of evacuation areas or go to a pet-friendly shelter. Animal preparedness information is available to help in preparing yourself and your animals.