Police Cadets

Police Cadets are males and females ages 18 and up who want to pursue careers in law enforcement.

Cadets work a 40-hour week and are given preference in hiring at age 21 if they successfully pass all examinations required for police officer candidates. A cadet's duties include directing traffic at vehicle accident scenes, completing offense reports for minor crimes, assisting with crime prevention presentations, and fulfilling routine obligations required by various department sections.

If you do not already hold a two year or four year degree, you will need to take the TABE 11-12 A (Test of Adult Basic Education) that can be done at most of the local college’s testing centers, (George Stone, UWF, Pensacola State College, etc.) The test results MUST be attached to the application and you must have a cumulative score of 70% or higher in order for it to be accepted for consideration. Although a degree is not required, if you have an associate’s degree or better, you can submit that in lieu of the TABE. The results of the TABE are good for two years so you should plan ahead before applications open. The testing centers are often full once the applications open due to applicants trying to test.

For more information on becoming a Police Cadet, please contact Officer Glass at 850-436-5412 or email Officer Glass.

When applications are open, employment opportunities are listed on our jobs page where electronic applications can be submitted. For additional assistance with applying, please contact the City of Pensacola's Human Resources Office at 850-435-1660.