School Resource Officers

School resource officers are certified law enforcement officers assigned to middle schools and high schools. Currently, the School Resource Officer Program has officers assigned to Workman Middle School and Washington and Pensacola high schools.

Goals of the School Resource Officer Program are:

  • To protect the students, parents and employees while they are at or visiting a school.
  • To help reduce crime in the school system and the community by assisting students in understanding benefits of a freedom-bearing democracy.
  • To foster a better understanding of the law enforcement function and to create a positive concept of the legal system.
  • To develop an appreciation of citizen rights, obligations and responsibilities.
  • To promote student behavior in accordance with the law that is mutually beneficial to the student and to society.

SROs are often invited to teach law-related education classes such as driver’s education, civics, life management skills, and criminal justice. In addition, SROs often attend various functions within and outside a school.

Sergeant Jeff Brown is in charge of the School Resource Officers. He can be reached via email at Sergeant Jeff Brown or contact him by telephone at 850.436.5415.