Special Investigations Unit


Lieutenant John Austin currently supervises the Special Investigations Unit, which includes Vice & Narcotics.
Lieutenant Austin graduated from Coronado High School in San Diego, CA, and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminology from Florida State University.
He was hired as a police officer at the Pensacola Police Department on September 4, 1995; promoted to sergeant on May 9, 2005; and promoted to lieutenant on May 22, 2017.
Among his assignments at the department have been Uniform Patrol, field training officer, TAC, Vice & Narcotics, Criminal Investigations, Training and Personnel, Pensacola International Airport, and SWAT commander. 

Lieutenant Austin can be reached at 850.435.1906 or via email at Jaustin@cityofpensacola.com.


Undercover officers assigned to the Vice & Narcotics Unit investigate crimes involving narcotics and vice operations such as prostitution, gambling and pornography.  

They also gather and distribute intelligence information relevant to police duties. In an effort to curb the flow of drugs into the Pensacola area, officers continue to focus on long- range investigations aimed at mid- and upper-level dealers.

Alex Fox supervises the Vice & Narcotics Unit.

He was hired as a cadet on April 25, 2005; promoted to police officer on June 19, 2006; and promoted to sergeant on January 4, 2016. Among his assignments have been Uniform Patrol, Community Oriented Policing Squad, SWAT, and Vice & Narcotics.

Sergeant Fox can be reached by phone at (850) 435 - 1841 or via email at Afox@cityofpensacola.com.