Crisis Negotiation Team

The Crisis Negotiation Team consists of officers who work in various sections within the Pensacola Police Department who are specially trained to interact with people in crisis and high risk-situations. The team's mission is to seek out a peaceful resolution to violent situations through dialogue and listening techniques.

The team belongs to the Florida Association of Hostage Negotiators.

Members are selected from a roster of volunteers based upon each officer’s work experience and performance and attend various national training seminars yearly. The team also trains regularly with the Special Services Unit in order to assure maximum cohesiveness and coordination.

The team responds to about 12 calls annually with the majority of incidents being crisis intervention situations also known as suicide attempts.

Crisis Negotiation

Crisis negotiators also provide training to business management and school personnel on what to expect during hostage situations. These presentations are designed to give the managers and employees a working knowledge of what to expect from the police response to a crisis, as well as some basic tips on how to better prepare for such a crisis.

To schedule a presentation, please contact Sergeant Jeff Brown via phone at 850.435.1915 or email Sergeant Jeff Brown.