Aviation Discovery Park

Admission: Free
Hours: Open from 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM DAILY 

The General Daniel "Chappie" James Jr. Aviation Discovery Park Project in Pensacola was undertaken by Pensacola Area Flight Watch, an organization dedicated to the interests of General Aviation, and the promotion of aviation among our youth. The park opened to the public in 2006.


The Aviation Discovery Park is an observation area located at Pensacola International Airport which provides:

  • An excellent view of airport operations.
  • Both runways and control tower.
  • Terminal and General Aviation facilities.
  • Radio equipment to listen to the control tower and aircraft.
  • A display area containing information about local aviation pioneers
  • A layout of the airport showing runways and other major features.
  • A play area and facilities for younger visitors.
  • A miniature control tower and layout of the runways.

It has also been used as:

  • A way to garner support for the airport among the citizens of the area by making the airport and its operations easily visible to them.
  • A way to generate an interest in aviation on the part of the younger citizens.

Learn more about the Aviation Discovery Park on YouTube. 

Original Park Development - 2006 

Taking Flight - 2018

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