The city provides structured interviews to potential employees. "Structured" means that all applicants are asked the same job-related questions and are rated on the same criteria. Interviewers are subject-matter experts, or people who are trained to interview and rate responses while knowing about the position and what it requires.

Questions & Ratings

Applicants are asked questions about prior work experience, about how they have handled tasks and responsibilities in the past, about how they get along with supervisors, coworkers, and the public, etc. Based on information from the interview and the employment application, interviewers score the candidates. Ratings are averaged and an interview score is obtained.


In preparing for the interview, candidates can review the job announcement to familiarize themselves with the job's requirements and responsibilities and review the information submitted in the employment application. Plan and practice what you intend to say and prepare any questions you may have for the interviewers. This is your opportunity to prove you are the best person for the job.