Procedure for a Subdivision Purpose

The role of Engineering and Construction Services is to provide design, technical, and logistical support for departments, enterprises, and public right of ways within the City of Pensacola. Specifically, services are delivered in the form of surveys, engineering design, construction inspection, complete project administration (including contract and grant management services), street construction, storm drainage improvements, new building facilities, and many other related site improvement projects.

Engineering is also tasked with the issuance of right-of-way permits and code enforcement associated with permitted activities for modifications and construction in the public right-of-way by entities other than the city.


Engineering’s primary objective is to upgrade existing infrastructure and to provide new infrastructure improvements consisting of transportation, stormwater facilities, traffic control, coastal / waterfront developments, new building facilities, and environmental related projects.

Engineering also strives to maximize right-of-way construction compliance with city codes and to assist other departments and the public in properly addressing local, state, and federal requirements relating to most types of development and environmental issues.

Please see the flowchart for the Procedure for a Subdivision Approval