Gateway Review Board

Description The Gateway Review Board reviews every application for building permits to erect, construct, renovate and/or alter an exterior of a building or sign located or to be located in the Gateway Review District.
Membership Seven members, appointed by the City Council. Three (3) must own property within the District; Three (3) members must represent the architectural landscape, architectural, engineering, or building contracting profession (such members shall not own property within the District); and one (1) member at large (who does not own property in the District).
Term of Office Two years
Is Financial Disclosure Required? No
Meeting Schedule Monthly; Second Tuesday, 11:00 a.m. or as needed, at City Hall
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Current Members Robert Montgomery, Chairperson
Elizabeth Fleischhauer
Sergio A. Hernandez
Brett Janson
Eric Schmitz
Bob Wilson
Michael C. Wolf
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