After School Program

Pensacola Parks & Recreation After School programs provide educational and recreational enrichment opportunities through exciting experiences and exploration. Our After School programs offer activities which encourage children to be healthier and happier through active play, fitness and sports, dance and drama instruction, computer exploration and S.T.E.A.M. activities. Our program also includes homework-tutoring and a nutritious afternoon snack.

Grades K-5th Grade

2:30-5:30pm Monday-Friday

The following Resource Centers offer Parks and Recreation's After School Program:

Cobb Resource Center

601 East Mallory Street

(850) 436-5192

Schools served by Cobb Resource Center:

  • Global Learning Academy
  • Jacqueline Harris Preparatory Academy
  • N. B. Cook Elementary School

Fricker Resource Center

900 North "F" Street

(850) 436-5195

Schools served by Fricker Resource Center:

  • Global Learning Academy
  • Jacqueline Harris Preparatory Academy

Gull Point Resource Center

7000 Spanish Trail

(850) 494-7360

Schools served by Gull Point Resource Center:

  • N.B. Cook
  • Scenic Heights Elementary School

Vickrey Resource Center

2130 Summit Blvd.

(850) 912-4056

Schools served by Vickrey Resource Center:

 • Cordova Park Elementary

 • Scenic Heights Elementary

Woodland Heights Resource Center

111 Berkley Drive

(850) 435-1750

Schools served by Woodland Heights Resource Center:

  • Ferry Pass Elementary School
  • Jacqueline Harris Preparatory Academy
  • O.J. Semmes Elementary School

For transportation information please contact the designated Resource Center above or the Escambia County School District Transportation office.