Westside Redevelopment Board

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DescriptionThe Westside Redevelopment Board (WRB) was established pursuant to the requirements of Florida Statute 163.2517 (2)(a)(b) regarding a community participation process that provides for the ongoing involvement of stakeholder groups in urban infill and redevelopment areas. (Ord. #33-14 adopted 9/11/14). The WRB is responsible for recommending a project list and 5-year implementation plan. The projects contained on the list are derived from The Westside Redevelopment Plan and the WRB ratifies this document annually and provides input into the projects each quarter. (https://www.cityofpensacola.com/532/Planning-Documents 
MembershipThe Westside Redevelopment Board consists of seven (7) members: Six (6) members who are redevelopment area residents, members of area neighborhood associations, or owners or operators of businesses located in the redevelopment area; and one (1) member of City Council.
Term of OfficeThree years
Is Financial Disclosure Required?No
Meeting ScheduleQuarterly - March, June, September, and December, 3:30p.m. (subject to change). For full details, visit the Meeting Calendar.
City of Pensacola - Meeting Calendar (legistar.com)
Agendas & MinutesCurrent Agendas and Minutes
Agendas and Minutes Prior to 2019
Current MembersDoug Baldwin Sr. 
Lamar Brown - Vice Chairperson
C. Marcel Davis - Chairperson
James Gulley
Michelle Press
Karl Schwelm
Council Member Jennifer Brahier