Volunteer Parking Program: Non-Profits

The Community Maritime Park extends an opportunity to local non-profit organizations to raise funds by providing volunteers to park fans at the stadium for one of the Blue Wahoos five-game home stands each season.

There are a total of 14 home stands and non-profits are allowed to volunteer for one home stand per season. In order to extend this great opportunity to all community non-profits, those that have participated in 2018 must wait until 2020 to apply again. We begin accepting applications for the 2019 Season on February 4th.

2019 Volunteer Parking Invite

2019 Blue Wahoo Home Stands:
April 10 - April 14
April 20 - April 24
May 1 - May 5
May 16 - May 20
May 28 - June 1
June 2 - June 6
June 12 - June 16
June 25 - June 29
June 30 - July 3, July 11
July 12 - July 16
July 22 - July 26
August 1 - August 5
August 13 - August 17
August 23 - August 27

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Community Maritime Park overview
Image courtesy of Wrong Brothers Flight Training.

Benefits of Stadium Parking with CMP:

  • These lots provide the best and closest parking options
  • 30+ ADA parking spaces at the stadium
  • Lots are well lit for night games
  • Parking supports local non-profit organizations and their efforts in the community.

One hour before game time until the first pitch is thrown, Main Street traffic will be slowed and controlled by the Pensacola Police Department at the intersections of DeVilliers, Reus, and Spring Streets. One way traffic will enter the stadium lot from Main Street onto DeVilliers.

Reus Street will be closed to all traffic one hour before game time. Spring Streets will be one way traffic and exit only onto Main Street. Be prepared for traffic delays in this area on game days.

Game day parking is also available one hour before game time directly across from the stadium in the City Hall parking lot at 222 W. Main Street for just $5 per vehicle on a first come, first serve basis. Parking can also be found at various locations throughout downtown Pensacola.

To find out more about Blue Wahoos games and ticket information visit Blue Wahoos.

2015 Parking Map

Who does it help?

Here is a list of organizations and when they are scheduled for the volunteer parking program. By parking at the stadium you assist these organizations in meeting their mission within the Pensacola community. 2019 Participants TBA