Why Partner with the Community Maritime Park?

Maximize Awareness: To enhance your brand image and position. Partnership opportunities include display space, increased advertising, and multiple promotional, branding and event marketing opportunities.

Audience Concentration: Events provide the best time to meet, educate, and persuade large volumes of customers at one time, creating a personal and local connection between your potential customers and your business.

Diversified Marketing Opportunities: Partnership opportunities are over-arching and include logo placement in print, TV, Facebook, online, in official Press Releases, and mention by name in Radio advertisements, targeted automated call-outs, and at the event.

Cross Promotion: When you Partner with the Community Maritime Park, you really Partner with the City of Pensacola Neighborhood Services Department – made up of 6 excellent athletic facilities and 7 Community Centers. Event marketing reaches into the community through media outlets as well as through our target marketing to our existing customer base.

Unique Opportunities: The Community Maritime Park offers a unique opportunity for businesses to support events through Partnerships. We offer flexible Partnership levels tailored to specific events and to Pensacola’s business climate. Partnering with the Community Maritime Park, especially in these first few years, creates the opportunity for businesses to “get in on the ground floor” and actively contribute to expanding and enhancing Pensacola’s downtown event scene.

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