Government Street Regional Stormwater Pond at Corinne Jones Park

Project Description

This project will fund the proposed Government Street Regional Stormwater Pond at Corrine Jones Park to capture and treat stormwater runoff from 40 acres in downtown Pensacola that currently discharges untreated runoff directly into Pensacola Bay. The proposed improvement will include a two-tier treatment system with pretreatment units to remove debris and floatables prior to entering the wet detention pond. The pond takes an innovative approach to stormwater management by having multiple ecological benefits. In addition to its water quality improvement, the pond will also serve as a wetland habitat for a variety of bird and other species.

Continued growth in the City of Pensacola and the adjacent suburban areas has increased the discharge of untreated runoff, causing increases in both sediment and nutrient loading to Pensacola Bay which has had adverse effects on the ecology. The Bay represents a significant habitat for 70 identified rare, imperiled or threatened animal species and at least 68 rare, imperiled, or threatened plant species. The State of Florida seeks to improve the overall ecological health of the Bay by targeting investments which improve water quality and eliminate significant levels of this harmful runoff. The pond would discharge directly into a coastal wetland that was recently restored as part of Pensacola Bay's revitalization effort. By improving water quality flowing into the wetland, this project would also contribute to the long-term sustainability of the previously restored coastal wetland.

Below, is a link to the budget breakdown ($3,372,506.34) that went to City Council for approval. The only significant cost addition to date has been the groundwater treatment system that was added to the project but was mostly funded by Escambia County.

Council Legislative Action Item - 16-005 ) (PDF)

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