Departments & Divisions

  1. City Attorney

    The City Attorney acts as the chief legal advisor for the City and all of its elected and appointed officers in all matters relating to their official powers and duties.

  2. City Clerk

    Acquire services from your city clerk.

  3. Code Enforcement

    Find out about common code violations.

  4. Community Redevelopment Agency

    The Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) funds public infrastructure to foster private investment in new development and renovation through the reinvestment of taxes generated within the CRA district.

  5. Financial Services

    View a variety of financial documents.

  6. Housing

    Obtain housing services through the city.

  7. Human Resources

    Obtain services from the Human Resources Department.

  8. Inspection Services

    Access electrical and plumbing information and applications.

  9. Neighborhood Services

    Browse recreational activities on the play Pensacola website and apply for a special event permit.

  10. Pensacola Energy

    View information about the energy provider of the community.

  1. Pensacola Fire Department

    Learn about the Fire Department, their members, and the services they provide to the citizens.

  2. Pensacola International Airport

    Obtain information about the Pensacola International Airport.

  3. Pensacola Police Department

    Access details about the Police Department and how they serve and protect the citizens of Pensacola.

  4. Planning Services

    Get more information about planning services and their responsibility to the city.

  5. Port of Pensacola

    Explore the Port of Pensacola.

  6. Public Works & Facilities

    Review details and responsibilities about the Public Works and Facilities Department.

  7. Purchasing

    Access information about purchasing in the community.

  8. Sanitation Services & Fleet Management

    Obtain information about the Sanitation Services and Fleet Management Department.

  9. Technology Resources

    Learn more about technology resources in the city.