List of Board & Commissions

  1. Architectural Review Board

    Learn about the Architectural Review Board and their responsibilities to the city and the citizens.

  2. Code Enforcement Authority

    Find out about decisions made on the city's code.

  3. Community Redevelopment Agency

    Downtown Pensacola's redevelopment efforts are guided by the City of Pensacola's Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA).

  4. Construction Board of Adjustment & Appeals

    View Construction Board of Adjustment and Appeals meeting, member, and responsibility information.

  5. Eastside Redevelopment Board

    Check out the board established regarding the redevelopment of a city area.

  6. Environmental Advisory Board

    Find out what kind of policy advice and recommendations are provided by this advisory board.

  7. Fire Education Incentive Board

    Learn about the Fire Education Incentive Board.

  8. Fire Pension Board of Trustees

    Gain information about the board overlooking pension plans and funds for the firefighters.

  9. Fire Prevention Board of Appeals

    Check out the Fire Prevention Board of Appeals.

  10. Gateway Review Board

    Find out more about the Gateway Review Board, their members, and what they do.

  11. General Pension Board of Trustees

    Learn about the board making decisions on employee pensions.

  12. International Relations Advisory Board

    Learn about the International Relations Advisory Board.

  13. Parks & Recreation Board

    Access meeting, agenda, minute, member, and responsibility information for the Parks and Recreation Board.

  14. Planning Board

    Meet the Planning Board and read about their responsibility and service to the community.

  15. Police Pension Board of Trustees

    Learn about the Police Pension Board of Trustees.

  16. Veterans Memorial Park Foundation of Pensacola

    The Veterans Memorial Park Foundation of Pensacola Board of Trustees oversees the maintenance and operation of Pensacola's Veterans Memorial Park.

  17. Westside Redevelopment Board

    Information about the Westside Redevelopment Board members, term, meetings, etc.

  18. Zoning Board of Adjustment

    Peruse details about the Zoning Board of Adjustment and their services.